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Our membership consists of physicians living in Cincinnati and Dayton area who are very invested and interested in Philanthropy. They all understand the value and importance of Philanthropy; one of the main missions of organization is to provide diligently vetted avenues for our members to not only accomplish that but also to fulfill their moral responsibility to society.

Since its inception Chapter is heavily invested in not only helping our homeland and adopted home with monitory resources but also our members spent significant time volunteering for the good of society.

Membership is helping fresh graduates and medical students in securing observer ships, elective and residencies here in Cincinnati area.

Chapter collected significant money for flood victims in Pakistan that provided ambulances still in use in Pakistan; Chapter also facilitated fund raising for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Research Center in its early days.

Chapter members enthusiastically endorsed and participate in social welfare projects of Central APPNA Like Thur Well project, Cleft lip project, Food pantry project, Cornea transplant project and National Health Care day.

Chapter has in past independently collaborated with other NGOs working in Pakistan, helping them accomplish their goals, for example in 2018 chapter helped Child life foundation in Pakistan (visit and Leukemia Lymphoma Society in USA (visit

In 2019 Chapter helped Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation raise around $40000 to continue their work, covering cost of surgeries for poor patients born with congenital heart disease in Pakistan and eventually build a hospital that provide these services free of cost, for more information visit

For more information on how to participate in these efforts please visit sub menu pages on this section.

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