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Give new life to a child

Give new life to a child with your one time donation:

Project Muskan:

APPNA SWDR Cleft lip and/or palate Repair Project

Incidence of cleft lip/palate in Pakistan is 1 in 500 live births thus it is very common. Unfortunately because of widespread poverty and lack of resources, most of the children are not able to receive surgical correction leading to lifelong disfigurement, bullying and marked disability and depression. It is even worse for girls. In developing countries such as Pakistan access to surgery and rehabilitation especially for poor is nonexistent. Early detection and timely surgery is the key. Some NGO do try to help but local resources are limited. One surgery can change life of a child but only if parents can afford. We are planning to change it.

Please see for yourself how much difference this surgery can bring to someone’s smile and life

Project Cost: Cost/child $200

Please donate and change life of one child at a time

How to donate:

1. Please go to or just follow the link below (please choose cleft lip project for donation)

2. Send checks addressed to APPNA SWDR and in memo mention cleft lip/palate project and mail checks to APPNA, 6414 South Cass Avenue, Westmont, IL 60559-3209

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