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Become a Friend of APPNA GC 2019

 Benefits of becoming a Friend of APPNA GC 2019

Each member will be entitled to the following:

1.      2 tickets at no charge for each entertainment event that is held through APPNA-GC (at least two a year)

2.      Preferred seating for these events

3.      An annual dinner meeting to update members of the core group of Friends of APPNA-GC about the activities of the organization

4.      Complete transparency of accounts

5.      Letter from the Treasurer of APPNA-GC to acknowledge contributions for tax purposes

6.      For entertainment program, we would aim to bring some leading names in the entertainment industry to the Greater Cincinnati area & perhaps arrange to meet with the core group of Friends of APPNA-GC.


Become a Life Time member of APPNA GC

Make a Difference

Membership Benefits

  • Discounted Event Prices

  • Priority/Reserved Seating

  • Opportunities to run the organization and lead its Social Welfare Projects

  • Above all make the difference in your community

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